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Re: Repeater noise problem

At 08:01 AM 9/4/2001, jim palmer wrote:
>i have heard the noise you are referring to.
>it sounds like clock noise.
>i have only used repeater with headphones and
>was hoping it would not appear in the normal outputs.
>(ie. the headphone amp not well shielded)
>which outputs are you using and is your cable well shielded?
>i find it hard to believe the heavy duty aluminum case doesn't
>block clocking noises...

both the clock and the audio circuitry would be *inside* this chassis, 
therefore the chassis has nothing to do with shielding one from the other. 
The degree to which digital switching noise gets into audio generally has 
to do with the PCB layout, the parts selected, and to some extent the 
circuit design itself.

the purpose of a chassis electrically is generally to keep electrical 
generated inside the box from getting outside in the form of EMI, and to 
keep outside EMI from getting in and interfering with the circuits inside.


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