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Re: Repeater noise problem

Dan McMullen wrote:

> first off, this "noise" is fairly minimal compared to the level of a
> reasonably loud loop.

This is where I want some sort of numbers -- exactly how
low is the noise?  How many decibels between the noise
and the maximum signal?

> it is interesting to note that the noise on my unit only occurs if the
> output level of the selected track is turned up.  if i record to one
> then select another, empty track, i can elimitate the noise by turning
> the level on the empty track.  the noise does not seem to be recorded.
> also, the input level control does not affect the level of the noise.  is
> this true for others?  if so, there might be a software "solution".

I doubt that this will have a software solution!

Of course, you can "gate" the tracks that you aren't using
but this doesn't work in general.

Someone on this thread mentioned that they had level-matched
all their components and still had an issue.  That's unsettling.

Someone should definitely level-match the instrument
and then give us a S/N measure.  Give me a Repeater,
I'll do it!



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