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RE: Repeater noise problem

Our System One measures Repeater at 90 dB SNR (A weighted). There is noise
but it is at a low level. It is easier to perceive because it is more of a
hum kind of sound than white noise or hiss. It comes from scanning the 
(I'll stop there because I'm not an Engineer). It is in the noise floor so
if your gains are optimized everything should be fine and you would not
Here is a breakdown of what to expect. If something is different than 
described below you might have a faulty room, setup, process, or Repeater. 

Generally across the in/outs the SNR is around 90 dB (A weighted) so if you
record a loop with optimized gains (red clip light flickers occasional) the
noise floor should be at an acceptable level for such a device. i.e. your
ears would hurt from the level of the actual loop if you turned it up loud
enough to easily hear the noise floor. 

There is a very small "chirping" sound in the right channel when playing 
the CFC. This is also buried in the noise floor and will only become a
problem if gains are not optimized. This sound is not present on the 
output or when playing from internal memory. The sound is also not present
in the .WAV file. It is a hardware issue. Again, it is in the noise floor 
around 90 db. If you want a quiet track in your loop then record it loud 
then turn the track level down.

The headphones are noisier than the main outputs. The digital out is the
cleanest signal (measures at 94 db). 

Repeater only outputs line level so if you are going straight into Repeater
then a guitar amp you will have noise issues. Repeater wants to be in the 
loop so you can record your lovely tone into the loop. If you don't have 
you will have to mess around with gains and levels to try and minimize 
noise. You could also try to go from line to instrument level on the output
of Repeater. Contact our technical support and see if he has any ideas on
how to do this. support@eelctrixpro.com. 

I hope this helps. IMO Repeater has very low level noises but would not be
considered noisy. 


Damon Langlois
Creative Director
Tel (250) 544-4091 Fax (250) 544-4100