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Re: S#!t! HELP! (slightly off-topic midi ?) --> Rocktron All Access

--- Tim Goodwin <deepbass6@earthlink.net> wrote:

> case) and that is the All Access pedal board. 
> Can I control a G2 AND a Repeater *together* in my
> rig?  If so, can someone
> please try and simply describe how it's possible to
> control more than one
> piece of gear with the same pedal?  Do I assign
> certain buttons to different
> units?  Or do I bank back and forth?  Or what?


I own an All Access and use it to control a Jamman, a
MPX-1, and a Soundsculpture Switchblade.

Basically, each foot-switch on the All Access can be
configured to control multiple (8??) effects

For example...

All Access Patch 1: switches MPX-1 to program 5 and
starts a loop recording on the Jamman.

All Access Patch 2: switches MPX-1 to program 27 and
stops the Jamman recording.

All Access Patch 3: clears Jamman loop

If you have any specific questions, let me know.



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