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S#!t! HELP! (slightly off-topic midi ?)

I have learned a valuable lesson since joining this list.  And that is to
listen to Kim Flint's advice. ;)

Seriously, I was just about to get an MPX-R1 and an MPX-1 to compliment my
new Repeater.  Bob Sellon then informed me that the G2 is actually what I
will need if I don't want unacceptable delays in pitch shifting (as well as
a few other drawbacks to the MPX-1).  Okay fine, I will sell some old gear
to make up for the difference.

But now Kim is saying that the MPX-R1 is a weak excuse for a midi 
and far from a 'fully functional' midi pedal.  My first thought was that 
was being overly critical.  But after checking into it, I found out that 
MPX-R1 can really only control one unit on one midi channel.  Beyond that I
will only be able to send one program change and one control change on each
of the other 15 channels.  So that means I will have to switch channels 
time I want to send a unique change to the alternate unit (in this case a
Repeater).  Well, obviously that's not gonna work unless I can decide
between play, stop or record for my Repeater... ;|.

Anyway, I checked out the Digitech PMC-10 and this is not acceptable to me.
I don't want a used piece of plastic gear that is no longer in production
(especially when there aren't even replacement parts in production).  So
that leaves one available option open to me (or at least it seems to be the
case) and that is the All Access pedal board.  Great.  So now I'm going to
start selling my body to pay for this thing.  But before I resort to such
depraved acts, please tell me that this pedal will do what I need it to do,

Can I control a G2 AND a Repeater *together* in my rig?  If so, can someone
please try and simply describe how it's possible to control more than one
piece of gear with the same pedal?  Do I assign certain buttons to 
units?  Or do I bank back and forth?  Or what?

I want to get this *right*.  I am more confused than before I even started
trying to figure this stuff out.  I just want to make music!  Argh!

Tim "soon to be a street ho" Goodwin