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Re: S#!t! HELP! (slightly off-topic midi ?)

--- Tim Goodwin <deepbass6@earthlink.net> wrote:
> I have learned a valuable lesson since joining this
> list.  And that is to
> listen to Kim Flint's advice. ;)


> Bob Sellon then informed me that the
> G2 is actually what I
> will need if I don't want unacceptable delays in
> pitch shifting (as well as
> a few other drawbacks to the MPX-1).

Pitch shifting? How much more would it cost to get
an Eventide Eclipse? (I love spending other people's

> So
> that leaves one available option open to me (or at
> least it seems to be the
> case) and that is the All Access pedal board.

Here's one more option. Combine a "dumb" midi
foot controller,(ART X-15, Ground Control, etc.) with
a Peavey PC-1600X. You can program the complex midi
commands to the PC-1600x's 16 push buttons & use the
midi foot controller to execute the function via midi
program change. Plus, you would have 16 faders to do
other stuff. You can down load the manual from the
Peavey site. I have one on order & hope to get it this

> Can I control a G2 AND a Repeater *together* in my
> rig?  If so, can someone
> please try and simply describe how it's possible to
> control more than one
> piece of gear with the same pedal?

The good midi controllers would allow you to assign
midi channel on a per button/pedal/fader basis. It
would allow that button/pedal/fader to send midi cc,
note, pc, sysex, or a string of messages. Moving a
button/pedal/fader would only affect a device that is
set to the same midi channel.

> Do I assign
> certain buttons to different
> units?  Or do I bank back and forth?  Or what?

With a good controller you can do either one or both.

> I want to get this *right*.  I am more confused than
> before I even started
> trying to figure this stuff out.  I just want to
> make music!  Argh!

Hey! I've only been trying to figure this stuff out
for 10+ years. And I didn't have too much expendable
gray matter to begin with!


John Tidwell

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