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Re: Fripp's Octave Unit?

If memory serves (which it may well not, but anyway that was my 
favorite Material title and it came out at about the same era I saw a 
Frippertronics show'n'tell at Tower Records in Seattle)-- it's a 
custom fuzzbox that perhaps incorporates a full-wave rectifier 
circuit for that unusually stable octave-up followed by a more 
typical clipper for the square-wavey reediness. Well, at least that 
was my assessment at the time, I built an analog fuzz with a 
full-wave rectifier in it and a heavy compressor ahead of it, and 
sorta kinda got a similar sound.

This probably wasn't very helpful, but I agree it is a very nice 
timbre...a friend used to call it the "tone so edgy you can shave 
with it".

-Alex S.

At 7:57 PM -0400 9/5/01, Gerry P wrote:
>I have been watching Fripp in Japan video and wondering if anyone knows 
>octave pedal/unit he uses - the unit gives an octave up and sounds great 
>his loops.