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RE: Looping pads and ambient sounds


It isn't necessary (or even desirable) to let the EDP keep recording
"silence", just switch out of overdub a beat or so after your input sound
has died down.

This is one of those things that's harder to explain than do, if you set up
a nice ambient "guitar delay chorus ebow etc." type of sound, and layer in
your pads in the described method of not abruptly cutting off the sound on
the downbeat, you'll find you'll get pretty muchly "bumpless" pads with
ease. Try it!



>So then if you end it with overdub, it essentially keeps recording,
>right?  Do you just let it continue to record silence?
>> I find that ending a loop on the Echoplex with overdub
>> usually does the trick Gary
>> > What is the best way to get a clean loop when working with pads and
>> > ambient sounds so that a bump isn't created at the end where a
>> > noticeable transition happens each time the loop repeats?
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> > Steve
>> >