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RE: Looping pads and ambient sounds


yeah, that's exactly what Mark means, but you're not really recording
another loop on top, you're just adding audio to your pre-defined loop.
This "pre-defined" loop doesn't have to have audio in it, as a matter of
fact, for this purpose it's better for it to be silent.

There are two concepts here, one is setting the loop time or boundary. This
doesn't necessarily require audio input, it's just a way of setting the
duration of your loop cycle. The second is overdubbing audio on top of
this, and purposefully droning right over those loop boundaries to create a
seamless sound.


One of the other Marks...

>Do you mean lay down a blank loop without any sound at all for however
>many bars the final loop will be and then recording another loop on top
>of it?
>> With the JamMan and the Repeater, I have to "prime" the loop,
>> by basically recording a blank loop first, then putting the
>> loop back in record.  For the inverse, I'll play a very
>> sustainy sound and toggle the loop in and out of record for a
>> nice chaotic feel.
>> Mark Sottilaro