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Re: Looping pads and ambient sounds - Ah-ahhhhh....

.....here we are,
for what i can see we have arrived to what i thought it is the most
important lack in the Repeater.
Not to be able to end a loop with overdub is a big and unacceptable
limitation by my point of view. It is one of the main reasons why i love
this lack was acceptable on a first era looper (Jam Man), but not on a 21st
century looper, I am surprised how you all have stayied quite until now.
i think today's definitive looper should contain the chances other loopers
were offering and put something more (and time/pitch shifting, 4 tracks,
digital out, memory for samples/.wav files ARE WAY MORE).
I know anyone can do it, but i find it hard to think we have to act on this
beast as we were doing on a Jam Man, when the solution for crossfade has
already been solved.
i am waiting for my repeater as well and i'm very happy it is finally out,
but this overdub matter is at the first place for an immediate software
improvement IMO.
i really would like not to start flame wars.