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FS-300 pedal and Repeater

I was reading through the Repeater manual and came to the conclusion
that the 3 button footpedal is going to have to be reconfigured to be
able to achieve the functionality that the manual describes.

What the problem is was Electrix decision to include both the Stop and
Play buttons as the same button.

The manual says ...

"Pressing Play when the unit is in the play state has the effect of
continuing the play operation but immediately moving back to the start
of the loop. (Get it?)"

It also says,

"Pressing Play when a new loop is being cued will engage the auto loop
transition, pressing play again will engage the new loop immediately."

And finally "From Play with Stop held" for a stutter effect

The point of all this is that the manual was written with the
application and ideas only from the viewpoint of someone controller the
Repeater from the front panel, not from a 3 button FS-300 footswitch.

If you press on the Play/Stop footswitch, you can't go back to the
beginning because it causes the unit to Stop.

If you press Play while a new loop is being cued, it will not engage the
auto loop transition since it will cause the current loop to stop before
the next one starts (since the button also engages "Stop").

And finally, you can't hold down the Play and Stop button at the same
time to get the (as the manual states) ...

"Stu, Stu, Stu, Stutter effects are created this way"

I think the Repeater has the potential to be an incredible piece of
gear, but I question whether it was designed for a DJ or a Musician?