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Re: FS-300 pedal and Repeater

>I think the Repeater has the potential to be an incredible piece of
>gear, but I question whether it was designed for a DJ or a Musician?

I think they tried to accommodate both.

when i use the Repeater I get the feeling that I am using something 
born of a lot of blood, sweat, tears and passion! I have noticed some 
peculiarities with the way Repeater reacts to certain things but I 
get the feeling that Electrix spent a lot of time and money on 
getting to this point. What they are trying to accomplish with 
Repeater is pretty advanced and astounding! It works better than it 
could have had they released it earlier - its at least usable, but 
its not ideal - yet.

Electrix needs to work on: the wet/dry thing, the whole sync thing, 
better support for CFCs, and some UI refinements. but of course they 
know all that and i am sure are busy working on the next revision.

Thanks Electrix for having to vision to put an instrument like this 
together. It is more than i expected.

Oh. The reason i am responding to the FS300 post is because I wanted 
to let you know I made my own FS300-like pedal. It works fine. if you 
want to know what to do, let me know. I will draw up a schematic and 
email it to you. its pretty easy: 3 switches, 2 diodes, some wire and 
a TRS plug.