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RE: Using tap tempo on Repeater

Right - can't get it to slow down.  That's exactly my experience.  If
this is a feature as someone suggested, I'd like to get an explanation
of how it works, hopefully from someone at Electrix.  The bottom line on
"features" is that if they feel natural, they're great; if they stand
between me and accomplishing what I want to accomplish, I call it a
bug.  This has that "it's a bug" feel.  And I agree with you, Tim - the
Repeater is GREAT!!!


> Subject: RE: Using tap tempo on Repeater
> Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 18:07:59 -0500
> From: "Tim Goodwin" <deepbass6@earthlink.net>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Yes.  I've had several problems arise when jumping back and forth
> between
> the sync modes as well.  It seems that the tap tempo does much better
> when
> tapping in a tempo that is faster than the current tempo.  Sometimes
> it
> takes only two taps to register.  Other times it takes three.
> Otherwise, I
> have trouble tapping a tempo any slower than about 70 or 75 bpm (I
> think my
> record is 67).  It seems like the gap in between the taps is big
> enough to
> make the function reset and read the next tap as the first tap (or
> something
> like that).  Faster taps are more easily recognized for sure.
> I also had some problems getting the user and midi modes to sync after
> using
> beat detect.  At one point in the evening, beat detect erratically
> jumped up
> to a very fast tempo and when I switched to midi sync, it remained at
> that
> same tempo which was much faster than the master clock was sending.
> The
> same thing seemed to happen in user mode (it kept wanting to jump back
> to
> the fast tempo that was established in beat detect mode).  But I'm
> checking
> into it.  I may have overlooked something (like a simple reset or
> clear when
> switching modes?)  I don't know.  There are a lot of variables so it's
> likely that it's my own fault.
> Amazing device though.  I had a GREAT rehearsal last night with my
> drummer.
> We had a blast.  I'm downloading ACID Express as I type.  I'm going to
> load
> some ambient textures onto my new 128M card (which formatted in about
> three
> seconds with NO problems).  Does anyone know if there are any other
> ways to
> get .wav loop files on my PC onto my CFC with using a USB-CFC hookup?
> Or is
> that the best bet?  Thanks.
> --
> Tim