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Re: Looping pads and ambient sounds / likely repeater correction

Maybe I spoke too soon.  David, are you sure you don't have a beta version 
the Repeater software that allows this?  If I have a new loop cued (from
Play), the moment I hit record, I'm in the new loop.  The quote from the
manual is:

"Pressing Record when the unit is in the play mode will immediately start 
unit recording to the new loop location."

That's exactally what is seems to do, regardless of the overdub state.  
when I'm in record, I can't cue up a new loop, so that's not the answer.  
re-read the manual, and unless I'm missing something, I'm not getting it.

Mark Sottilaro

Mark Landman wrote:

> dt writes,
> >
> >>With Repeater, you'll need to start with a blank loop already set up, 
> >>Repeater doesn't currently allow you to end record with overdub.
> >not true!
> >with repeater in 'overdub', hit 'record', then 'record' again.
> >also:
> >hitting 'record' whilst a new loop is 'cued' will put the new loop
> >immediately into 'record'.
> >best,
> >dt / s-c
> This is an interesting point, certainly my feet or fingers aren't fast
> enough to end recording by pushing record, then enter overdub by pushing 
> again without introducing a noticeable gap, the very thing I'm trying to
> eliminate. But, you guys out there with fancy midi control pedals could
> program something that would spit the above control sequence out very 
> indeed... I'd be curious to hear how well that works...
> And while replying to dt I have to say he was 100% right about the
> pitch/time function on Repeater being a source of fascinating timbres. 
> beginning to find some great blurbling, grinding, twittering sounds 
> evolving down in these regions! An added bonus with ultra-slow,
> pitchshifted up sounds in the range of 1 to 25 BPM is to feed 'em into a
> long reverb, instant Jovian atmosphere drones!
> Best-
> Mark