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A few musings on Repeater and EDP and the power of limits

I'm not paid by Electrix, but I have to re-iterate that those $99 effects
are more than worth their rack space in gold inserted in the Repeater
effects loop. Things get very thick, very fast!

I am sympathetic to the notion of the power of limits, maximum music with
minimal equipment, and have downsized several times, but now I'm learning,
for the 1st time, to be comfortable with LOTS of options (and not feeling
guilty because these pieces have been DIRT cheap). I've regretted selling
some of my gear in the past...And these boxes look so good and create a
great synergy.

Psychologically, having all the effects run to a patch bay (un-normalled)
liberates me from the 'have to use it all the time' mentality.

I also have an EDP, and interestingly, getting the Repeater has made me
appreciate the EDP more than ever (and *right on* to Kims email requesting
more talk and tutorials on how to use loopers!). I used the 2 together for
the 1st time, running the EDP with all syncing, quantizing and rounding 
In the name of 'limits', I guess, I have heretofore almost exclusively run
the EDP with slave syncing, quantizing and rounding. Many of the ideas 
using EDP, in conjunction with seeing the limits (in its current OS) of the
Repeater, has inspired me to try more of the functions and break out of my

Having a loop run on the Repeater, and then just putting bits and pieces
over it on the EDP, using my ear for the loop cycle lengths, led to some
fruitful permutations and I think I'll work this way for a while before
running the EDP in sync.

Hope to hear more how people are using their loopers, since it seems many
will have similar gear in their arsenal.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mark Landman

> And while replying to dt I have to say he was 100% right about the
> pitch/time function on Repeater being a source of fascinating timbres. 
> beginning to find some great blurbling, grinding, twittering sounds 
> evolving down in these regions! An added bonus with ultra-slow,
> pitchshifted up sounds in the range of 1 to 25 BPM is to feed 'em into a
> long reverb, instant Jovian atmosphere drones!
> Best-
> Mark