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Re: Looping pads and ambient sounds / likely repeater correction

THANKS A LOT!!!!!  Have you thought of making some extra cash on the side 
helping companies like Electrix write their manuals?

Which leads me into the next topic:  Glib and friendly manuals.  I, for 
hate them.  Seems to me the Electrix folk seem more interested in being my
friend, than imparting information to me in a succinct manner.  This style
is prevalent in the music tech world.  I talked to a few people about this,
and the consensus was: Get to the point.  Put the marketing people in a 
during the manual writing part.  We bought the thing already, don't keep
selling it to us.  Switch to helping us use it to it's fullest potential.
I've got plenty of friendly pals, now I need a clear teacher.  Does this 
anyone else on the list?

Mark Sottlaro

Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:

> ml writes,
> >Steve-
> >On the good ol' EDP, I think one of the best ways to do this is to end
> >your
> >loop recording by going directly to overdub, allowing the ambience/decay
> >to
> >"blur" over the initial loop boundary.
> true!
> >With Repeater, you'll need to start with a blank loop already set up, as
> >Repeater doesn't currently allow you to end record with overdub.
> not true!
> with repeater in 'overdub', hit 'record', then 'record' again.
> also:
> hitting 'record' whilst a new loop is 'cued' will put the new loop
> immediately into 'record'.
> best,
> dt / s-c