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Re: my first impression: repeater

is your repeater syncing to midi from a sequencer? if you record 
something on the sequencer and then play it back and loop on the 
repeater, hit stop and then start does it sync up solid right from 
the start? mine doesn't.

next, cue up a loop that you recorded in user sync mode. put it in 
midi sync and start the sequencer - does it snyc up solid? mine 


>Interesting, I've been using it for a while and have not found either of
>those problems.  Maybe you've got a malfunctioning unit?
>Brett Maraldo wrote:
>>  the repeater is pretty amazing. however i also notice some clocking
>>  problems: the 'dry' output seems to be a bit delayed from the source.
>>  when i run a click through the repeater it's slightly delayed from
>>  the original even when the repeater is sitting idle and just 'passing
>>  through' the dry signal. not good.
>>  also, the midi clock grabber is pretty unstable. it's almost
>>  impossible to cue up a loop and sync it to a midi sequence unless you
>>  move the tracks around so they are in sync. maybe i'm doing something
>>  wrong but it just won't sync up.
>>  if i record some tracks on the fly with the sequencer going it works 
>>  that clocking stuff should really be fixed.
>>  otherwise, the repeater is like having 4 jamman and then some!
>>  plexus