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Re: my first impression: repeater

Interesting, I've been using it for a while and have not found either of
those problems.  Maybe you've got a malfunctioning unit?

Brett Maraldo wrote:

> the repeater is pretty amazing. however i also notice some clocking
> problems: the 'dry' output seems to be a bit delayed from the source.
> when i run a click through the repeater it's slightly delayed from
> the original even when the repeater is sitting idle and just 'passing
> through' the dry signal. not good.
> also, the midi clock grabber is pretty unstable. it's almost
> impossible to cue up a loop and sync it to a midi sequence unless you
> move the tracks around so they are in sync. maybe i'm doing something
> wrong but it just won't sync up.
> if i record some tracks on the fly with the sequencer going it works ok.
> that clocking stuff should really be fixed.
> otherwise, the repeater is like having 4 jamman and then some!
> plexus