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Re: h

I'm not sure I totally understood that, but welcome back to the list.  Is 
it my
imagination, or are their a lot of Italians on the list?  I'd be curious to
have a globe which pinpoints each looper.  Could be there's a "loop belt"  
thing I find very interesting is the disproportionate amount of loop based 
here in the San Francisco Bay area compared to the amount of loopers.  If 
NYC didn't have those slushy winters...  I miss the days when I could say
"Coffee" (properly pronounced "Cawfy") and no one would flinch.

Mark Sottilaro

Fabio Brandi wrote:

> Hi,
> I am Fabio Brand́. This is the second time that I enroll me in this 
> The first time was silent.
> I have discovered to be a looper after having listened "What means..." of
> David Torn, my preferred musician. I like a lot to listen to Frisell,
> Molvaer, Davis, Coltrane, Metheny, Zorn, Aarset etc.
> Do I like to listen to music a lot (obviously?). Even if after sometime I
> have discovered that was incapable entirely to copy the others. I have
> stopped making cover after having understood (in truth very soon) that I
> didn't want to reproduce other people's music and whether to repeat or 
>to be
> repeated annoyed me. That's why I believe to physiologically be a looper
> Ah, I am guitarist and next time I eventually point out my 
> to looping.
> I apologize me for the length of mine first intrusion.
> Regards
> Fabio Brandi
> (un)relax