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Re: Importing and Exporting Repeater Loops (was:RE: Using tap tempo on Repeater)

  Mark Sottilaro said...

 > Judging by what Electrix as said about this topic, what I'd do is first, 
 >on the
 > Repeater, is to make a loop of a desired time.  Leave it blank or put 
 > on it, doesn't matter.  You'll have a silent loop, but a loop anyway.  
 >Bring it
 > into your favorite audio cruncher, and crunch away, copy and paste from 
 > files, whatever, just don't change the length of the loop or the name.  
 >Drag it
 > back to the CFC and viola, it should be there in it's new and improved 
 > I just got my computer back up and running, so I'm going to try this 

I tried this today.

Perhaps I'm just not as proficient with Sound Forge as someone else, but I
couldn't get this to totally work (of course I only spent about 10 minutes
on it, and then succombed to the EDPs).

If anyone can get this method working with Sound Forge 5, would you be so
kind to followup with some tips to copy a WAV opened in another window, and
paste it to the TRACKx.WAV, but binding it to the TRACKx.WAV's length/time?

David S. Kenzik
david@kenzik.com -  http://kenzik.com
Original Music   -  http://kenzik.com/music