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Repeater first time out

Did a gig at "Borders Books/ Music" (Marlton, NJ) Fri night (trio 
me - guitar/textures, J. Janetta- drums, Dan Ott - horns) and had Repeater 
the Loop Rig.  Worked flawlessly for what I did with it - albeit no 
syncing/tap tempo adjusting. Made good use of the multi track recording/ 
bouncing thing - liked pre-arming a track to a pitch shifted state, 
to the track with the volume slider off, then bringing the volume of the 
pitched shifted (usually high twinkly things) track up into the mix.  Also 
violated my ethical stance of never using anything pre - recorded and used 
couple things I'd done in "Metasynth" as starting points via the CFC card. 
One thing that would be nice as a Repeater feature, would be the abililty 
non - destructively fade tracks/ loops as with Jamman.  You can fade an 
individual track by bypassing Repeater, nocking back the feedback level, 
putting it in "record/overdub" mode (DT mentioned this earlier).  The 
tracks will not fade until put into "record"/"overdub".  Not too elegant 
of a 
way to do it but workable nonetheless. (BTW: Presently my Loop Rig 
of three loop lines 1) Repeater, 2) DL4, 3) RDS 8000/Vortex combo. The 
juggling of the overlapping independant loops is "it".) - Paul