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Re: Looping pads and ambient sounds / likely repeater correction

>>And while replying to dt I have to say he was 100% right about the
>>pitch/time function on Repeater being a source of fascinating timbres.
>>I'm beginning to find some great blurbling, grinding, twittering sounds
>>evolving down in these regions! An added bonus with ultra-slow,
>>pitchshifted up sounds in the range of 1 to 25 BPM is to feed 'em into
>>a long reverb, instant Jovian atmosphere drones!
>great resource.
>dt / s-c

yummm, just received the RPT on Toosday and must comment on that list bit:
very nice to crunch the loop(s) and pitch em down, then bring up the tempo
in (certain*) interval steps in relation to the pitch shift, going all the
way up and back down to tweeze it slow and spin it into reverse at or about
a tempo of 3.3 ya get that Hendrix uni-fuzz-out sound that makes me giggle.
oh another comment, cool, my first sampler! tis not a delay unit in my 
hands, feet just yet, but that's okay, I intended to use it for blender 
PS: i've got an EDP also and the EDP and RPT  are about as different as K.
Hamsun and H. Miller, both really great (!) and one would not have been the
same (RPT/Miller) without the other (EDP/Hamsun), an oversimplification, 
my rack sits by the book case :)