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Re: Repeater record/ overdub

on 9/9/01 9:27 AM, PMimlitsch@aol.com at PMimlitsch@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 9/9/01 11:32:55 AM, Hedewa7@aol.com writes:
> << apparently, ya missed a l'il bit of my point:
> if repeater is in *overdub* mode *before* ye begin recording, then:
> ending *record* w/another *record command* commences *overdub*.
> so ifya leave the repeater in *overdub* as a default-state, there are no
> extra button-presses. >>
> Mayby this is a midi footcontroller thing?  I've tried the "*overdub* 
> *before* ye begin recording" thing and the result is the same - hitting
> "record" to end your first pass puts the unit in play mode and not 
> "overdub" - at least on the unit I've got. - Paul

Yeah, I get the same thing.  Unless I'm totally missing the point (which 
been known to happen), there's no combonation of button presses that I can
use to make this thing cue up a new loop and go into record when the old 
is done.  I've been through the manual and nowhere could I find something
that even mentioned doing this.

So, anyone from electrix reading this thread?  Am I missing something, or
does Dave have a different version of the Repeater OS that gives him
functionality that we don't have.  Yeah!  That must be it!  I bet if I only
had those extra features, Bowie would have asked me to be on his next 

OT, David, have those sessions started yet?  I'm VERY psyched to hear the
end result, as both a Bowie and Torn fan.  I think it'll be a great mix.

Mark Sottilaro