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Re: Repeater record/ overdub

Unless I'm missing the point. you press record to start a loop,
(repeater in overdub mode )then press play to end loop.
Then quickly hit record again to continue ... overdubbing.


Mark Sottilaro wrote:

> on 9/9/01 9:27 AM, PMimlitsch@aol.com at PMimlitsch@aol.com wrote:
> >
> > In a message dated 9/9/01 11:32:55 AM, Hedewa7@aol.com writes:
> >
> > << apparently, ya missed a l'il bit of my point:
> > if repeater is in *overdub* mode *before* ye begin recording, then:
> > ending *record* w/another *record command* commences *overdub*.
> > so ifya leave the repeater in *overdub* as a default-state, there are 
> > extra button-presses. >>
> >
> > Mayby this is a midi footcontroller thing?  I've tried the "*overdub* 
> > *before* ye begin recording" thing and the result is the same - hitting
> > "record" to end your first pass puts the unit in play mode and not 
> > "overdub" - at least on the unit I've got. - Paul
> >
> Yeah, I get the same thing.  Unless I'm totally missing the point (which 
> been known to happen), there's no combonation of button presses that I 
> use to make this thing cue up a new loop and go into record when the old 
> is done.  I've been through the manual and nowhere could I find something
> that even mentioned doing this.
> So, anyone from electrix reading this thread?  Am I missing something, or
> does Dave have a different version of the Repeater OS that gives him
> functionality that we don't have.  Yeah!  That must be it!  I bet if I 
> had those extra features, Bowie would have asked me to be on his next 
> Damn!
> OT, David, have those sessions started yet?  I'm VERY psyched to hear the
> end result, as both a Bowie and Torn fan.  I think it'll be a great mix.
> Mark Sottilaro