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Repeater raves and a b

Repeater has got some features that I'm just loving!  I started laying
down a new track this evening.  Started with an ambient pad background -
8 measures in 3/4.  Repeater defaults to 4/4, so I dialed in 24 beats,
and set rhythm to 3/4.  Great.  For some reason, the drums "felt" right
as 7 bars of 4/4.  OK, 7 against 8, that's cool!  Recorded the drums,
and since they *really* set the beat, dialed in 28 measures at 4/4.
Wow!  Now I'm looking at 7 measures cycling, so I have a great visual
cue for laying down a measure bass part.  Etc, etc.  This tempo-based
display is *terrific*!  Who cares about a display showing the number of
seconds recorded - this is what I've been wanting - bars and beats  :)

OK, now the bad news <g>  Has anyone noticed that the pan function works
only on recorded material, not on the input.  This gives a very strange
effect if overdubbing.  I panned a track hard right.  I hear the guitar
in the center while recording.  As soon as the loop completes, the
recorded guitar is playing right, while the new material is still
centered.  Rather unexpected :(


BTW, we haven't heard from any of the Electrix folks here lately, are
they still around, or should we 'peaterers be cross-posting to the new
Electrix site?