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Re: REPEATER wish list-Kim

yes, I understood what you want to do with choosing your own midi mapping. 
What I was pointing out is that so far as I can tell Repeater doesn't have 
a way to save changes like that. So you would go to a lot of trouble to 
it up, and then have to do it over again every time you powered up the 
Repeater. Maybe I'm mistaken and there is some non-volatile memory hidden 
in there, but so far every time I've turned off the Repeater all my 
settings were lost and I had to set it up again. Repeater doesn't really 
offer much to configure or customize though, so it really isn't a big deal 
now. If you started adding all of these options to it I can see it 
a problem though.

I guess I don't really see the need for the midi mapping you want in 
repeater. Any good midi pedal lets you put any commands you want on any 
pedal, in any bank, and saves more presets than you will likely ever use. 
So the mapping is all saved in the pedal. Maybe it is time to face the 
reality that a simple pedal like the art x-15 is just not going to have 
functionality you need to control something like the Repeater? get a good 


At 09:53 AM 9/12/2001, Robert Deveaux wrote:
>The Repeater has them predetermined & programmed.
>That is my whole point.  They are predefined.
>On the ART SGE (which is really old), you can go
>into the programming & set any PC# to = any midi
>controllable parameter.
>I would love to see that on the REPEATER.
>Then your midi controller (or ART X-15 footpedal)
>could have the most useful parameters (user
>defined) all in 1 bank.
> > KIM FLINT wrote:
> > Is the repeater actually able to save settings
> > like that?
>   Robert Deveaux wrote:
> > >The repeater needs a programmable midi map.

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