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Re: EDP MIDI Sync and Beats/Measure Questions / Loop3 V6.0 Requests

We share exactly the same direction of use of the echoplex and all I can
say is that ALL the questions rised by your post are already working in
my plex,and much more.... In fact I've been doing the described schemes
for more than a year so be patient this will happen for your plex too... 
(Please no schedule question)

Hans Lindauer wrote:
> Hello fellow loopers -
> First, thanks to everyone and Kim especially for this ever-growing
> knowledge pool.
> I have my EDP MIDI synced up to some drum machines, and I use it to add
> bass lines, synth pads, and/or samples from vinyl over the top of my
> beats.  It works great, and at the moment I'm up in the air as to
> whether I should buy a Repeater or three more EDPs.  OK, maybe one more
> EDP.
> What I was trying to do over the weekend, was to build up a groove using
> the EDP first, and then to have the drum machines kick in ( in sync)
> once the groove was established.  I can get very close to the EDP's
> timing with the sync-master drum machine's (an Oberheim DX - god bless
> 'em) tap tempo, so I hoped that I could start the drum machines running
> and then use multiply to get the already-looping EDP to sync with the
> drum machines' MIDI clock.  That didn't work.
you mean you still want to use sync in whith this scenario 
get used to sync out and change the eight value according to your cycle
you better do it with the headfones as you may have to stop/start the DX
several times untill you hit the groove.
> I know that I can set the DX to slave to MIDI, and then once I start the
> EDP it will start in sync with the EDP's MIDI.  In this case, I can
> build the groove and then just un-mute the drum machines when I want
> them to be heard.  However, because the groove sometimes arises
> unexpectedly, the one almost certainly won't be in the right spot from
> where the EDP put it when I first went into record mode.
move your start point
> So is it possible to do what I was trying to do over the weekend?  If
> not, this is my request for the next version of Loop3.  I know that the
> Repeater can (theoretically) do what I want, but I'm waiting for at
> least one upgrade and the accompanying thumbs-up from certain members of
> this list before I lay down any dough.
get a second edp _and_ a Peater

> And another one:
> Say I record a loop (with the EDP slaved to the DX at 8 beats per
> measure) of one measure.  I had hoped to be able to change the
> beats/measure setting to, say, one beat per measure and then use
> multiply to shorten the loop to one beat while still keeping it in
> sync.  That didn't work either.
you must start with the expected beat - instead of making one 8 beat
loop you make 8 one beat cycles
then use multiply to cut or add

> As a workaround, I could set the EDP to always record at one beat per
> measure and use multiply to get 8 beats per measure, but at anything
> over 30 bpm I would have to be pretty darn quick with those button
> presses.  Am I missing a technique here, or do I just need to read the
> manual?  Again, this would be a nice feature for Loop3 if it doesn't
> presently exist.  Can Repeater do this?
oh you knew that already :=)
use the sequencer to spit the messages for you...

I dont have much time to comment more but be reassured that all those
functions are there and working
because I stalked Matthias and Kim for them....smile