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Re: Repeater: Persistent Problems with Sync (going out to buy anechoplex)

First I must say, Kim, I stand corrected.

As I never had much problem with my JamMan synching to midi, it didn't 
to me that the Repeater would be worse.  I didn't realize that the majority
of my loopage on it was ambient, slow attack stuff.  It seemed fine.  After
reading Kim's attack, I thought, could it be?  Could it be THAT bad?  Well,
after doing a similar drum machine test, and a tap test where my playing 
synched to a simple drum beat while I did not monitor the Repeater output,
I've got to say, it's damn near unusuable.

So I've noticed the Electrix people have become silent all of the sudden.
Hello?  Is this thing on?  Is this something that can be fixed via 
or should I give up?  I've got an itchy looping finger, and I'll jump ship
faster than you can say, "Sorry Kim Flint."

Mark Sottilaro