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Synch issues, the official electrix response.

Mr Sottilaro said:

> So I've noticed the Electrix people have become silent all of the sudden.
> Hello?  Is this thing on?  Is this something that can be fixed via
> or should I give up?  I've got an itchy looping finger, and I'll jump 
> faster than you can say, "Sorry Kim Flint."

Well, would >you< show your head in here, after all the abuse they've

>From the electrixpro site:

>Thanks for your, and everyone's, support. We are definitely looking into
?>correcting the timing glitches and this issue is of major priority. Thank
>goodness updates to the OS can be made through the CompactFlash
>card...saves having to send in units and being without your Repeater for a
>few weeks.

IMHO, I'm rather pessemistic. It's not like they didn't have an extra year
to fix the problem; the chances are, this is a hardware problem :< Still, 
can be hope. My emu xl-7 was shipped with an OS that paused every time you
changed patterns - totally unplayable. They fixed it the next day, though
there are still problems.

Eric Williamson says:

>i can't believe it's the year 2001, 170-dollar DVD players have five 
>digital converters, memory is _dirt_frippin_cheap, and people can't get a
>hifi qudraphonic long delay to work right ... and the only viable
alternative >is an INCREDIBLE interface, software, and concept chained like
the >sialor to the albatross to a ten-year old collection of
>electronics-surplus-sale hardware.

Sure, but back in the old days, everything was a lot simpler. It's not just
the feature creature - the stuff is just much more complicated from the
ground up. This is why there are bugs in everything these days, it's not
just lazy developers.