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Re: Repeater: Persistent Problems with Sync (going out to buy an echoplex)

It is in their best interest to listen to us........ We are the Beta 

Brett Maraldo wrote:

> >So I've noticed the Electrix people have become silent all of the 
> >Hello?  Is this thing on?  Is this something that can be fixed via 
> >or should I give up?  I've got an itchy looping finger, and I'll jump 
> >faster than you can say, "Sorry Kim Flint."
> First of all, Electrix is doing us a BIG favour corresponding with us
> so don't take that for granted or they might very well f*ck off like
> every other manufacturer. Can you imagine Roland or Yamaha
> interacting as much as Electrix have been? NOT!
> I am sure Electrix is on it. They have pinned their whole business on
> the Repeater. Bad move I think but hey - go for it! They have also
> agreed that the midi sync thing is a problem - they identified a bug
> (again, can you imagine any other manufacturer admitting to a bug in
> their product a couple weeks after it was released? NOT!).
> So chill out. The Repeater is pretty cool as it is and when Electrix
> can make it better with an new OS they will.
> plexus