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Re: a prayer

>I just want
>to say that not all Americans are full of hate and revenge.  This was an 
>of supreme ignorance and intolerance, and hopefully this government will 
>respond in kind.  Everyone I know is praying that we are not witnessing a
>step toward something even more unimaginable.  Please, everyone, realize
>that there is more than killing and resonding with further killing.  I am
>afraid that America has a reputation for being an agressor and unstoppable
>retaliator, but not everyone here is screaming for blood.  I perhaps fear
>most that we have an illiterate fool at our helm, and there is no telling
>what he and his people may do next.  Good Lord, I voted for Ralph
>Nader--what would he be doing now?

Ralph Nader would probably not have been good for the
country (though I did support him for the last election)
but this would probably not have happened
if he'd been elected... he was one of the very
few politicians critical of Israel.

regardless.  I've been crying all day.  all those people.
all that destruction: those buildings were so beautiful.
all that death.

I love New York so much.  How could anyone be so