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Re: a prayer

I woke this morning to the first plane swooping overhead on its way to the
towers, and stood on the street watching downtown NYC in smoke, and the
towers falling.  All day the ambulances have passed my window.  I just want
to say that not all Americans are full of hate and revenge.  This was an 
of supreme ignorance and intolerance, and hopefully this government will 
respond in kind.  Everyone I know is praying that we are not witnessing a
step toward something even more unimaginable.  Please, everyone, realize
that there is more than killing and resonding with further killing.  I am
afraid that America has a reputation for being an agressor and unstoppable
retaliator, but not everyone here is screaming for blood.  I perhaps fear
most that we have an illiterate fool at our helm, and there is no telling
what he and his people may do next.  Good Lord, I voted for Ralph
Nader--what would he be doing now?


> Please, letīs raise our prayers to STOP war, I know you Americans are
> filled with rage and anger and pain right now,as the rest of the peace
> loving nations in the world, but a full large scale war at this point in
> history just means the end of our civilization.
> Letīs hope  violence is not answered  with violence, sure it is already
> the end of the world as we know it but letīs hope for the best.
> My deepest condolences to all the people in the US.
> Andy in Mexico City