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RE: a prayer

Well, I certainly respect everyone's right to their own opinion.

Here's mine:

- There *is* such a thing as right and wrong.

- Let there be no mistake that, today, wrong was done in a really big way.
In fact, it seems probable that the death toll will exceed that of Pearl
Harbor, but these casualties at the World Trade Center (where most
casualties are) are defenseless citizens, not even military personnel.

- Moreover, certain people intentionally caused this harm to happen.

- This is not right, in and of itself. Is there anyone on this list that
disagrees with this??? If not, then talking about what evils America has
perpetuated or been a part of is off-topic. In my view, there *is* such a
thing as right and wrong. And this is very, very wrong.

My conclusion?

- We need to be quite precise in determining those individuals (or
governments) who participated in this or supported it. I can't condone
murder no matter who commits it.

- But once we've made that determination, it's time to take care of bizness
and kick some ass. Specifically, we need to eliminate these very bad 
I realize they are ready to die for their cause, and I strongly believe we
should hasten their union with their maker. As soon as we can reasonably
determine blame, we should "execute" in response.

Am I being very clear here? I want to be *very* clear.

A Proud American (and not afraid to say so)