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Re: OT - 9-11-01 -- looping prayers

its funny you should mention that... back in 1982 i discovered what i call 
'perpetual music' where i would create loops of various lengths and let 
them run against each other. this provided for an ultimately infinitely 
long sonic landscape piece. some of these i recorded at various lengths. 
they are very relaxing!

back then i used *tap* echoplexes (remember tape?), analogue sequencers 
DDL's. I would set up loops on all these things and then mix them and 
them be to play away.

my last perpetual music piece was done in around 1992 where i recorded a 
number of ambient synth tracks on a midi sequencer without listening to 
previous tracks as i recorded a new track. then i played them all back 
together, looped at their different lengths and then wrote out a set of 
midi mix tracks that were also asynchronized. when it played back the 
tracks would snake and mix around each other and provide a very cool and 
relaxing sonic landscape.

i was going to try the same thing with the repeater although you can't get 
that asynch thing happening.


At 05:03 PM 9/12/2001, you wrote:
>I personally hope/believe that things like prayer, meditation, making a
>special loop and letting it run-  possibly help to create order on
>sub-atomic levels etc- which can have far reaching effects- however subtle
>they may be-
>Although the loop itself in RAM may not be doing much (or it may- who 
>the mental effect of your knowing about it etc may be the more obvious
>effect- like group prayer no matter what religon may create the same
>positive results- I think of the Olympic Flame etc as an example in a way-
>knowing the flame is alive has an effect on our physiology- which has an
>effect on the universe-
>I think these ideas are subtle to the extreme- but I like them anyway- the
>more I learn about physics the more I believe. Funny- I think Einstein and
>the rest expressed a heightened spiritual element in their lives as a 
>of all the science they were involved in I think- Maybe the possibilities 
>see in science/physics are advancing to the point where they could support
>ideas like prayer helping people far away etc.
>I know the loops I have running at home are good for me- maybe in turn 
>spreads good farther than myself- a nice thought regardless of your 
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "petr" <petr@tryi.com>
>To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 1:16 PM
>Subject: Re: OT - 9-11-01 -- looping prayers
> > > Or how about we all donate a pint of blood if we really want to
> > help.  I
> > > think that would be a lot more appreciated.  Kevin
> >
> > *** You mean *only* *appreciated*, not *objectively* *helpful*, right?
> > Otherwise I would love to know how one can evaluate physical touchable
> > versus spiritual invisible help.
> >
> > I actually am thinking a lot about looping positive energy, verbal or
> > otherwise.  Any feelings about this?  It seems to me that in fact
> > making a loop containing a positive energy, although then kept
> > mechanically running, could be seen in the same way as engraving
> > sacred symbols into a rock, making icons, or whatever else in this
> > realm.
> >
> > petr
> >
> >