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Re: basic Midi control repeater question

Let me try again. The presets on the dmc foot controller can be set to call up a particular amp channel, a particular program setting for a particular f/x device (patch number same as a program change message)-- ie. step on 1 button and my amp channel changes, my rocktron calls up a chorus or whatever, my digitech 2120 calls up a distorted preamp etc..) Now, with the repeater the question is-- say it is set to receive midi channel 3, okay -- step on a preset on the ground controller and  it changes the program of my 2120, my amp, my rocktron but it seems that to the repeater I have send a  program change of 4 ( record) - but I stiil have to transmit some value of cc 86  so now I have to step on the button I have set to transmit a cc 86 message and then use the volume control to send a value ( greater than 63 to engage record and then less then 63 to disengage record) right? and then I have to send a program change message of 21 to play right? This may be easy to explain and it could very well be my limited understanding of midi principles or what you mean when you say program change- on all my other gear program changes change patches on the unit ie chorus, to delay, or piano to bass etc.. do I have to send a new program change message each time I want to stop, start , record, reverse and if so do I then , after sending the program change message, have to send a certain value message of a particular cc to make it work?   If that is the case then I have to step on at least two buttons and a volume pedal to make it work