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Re: Importing & Exporting Repeater WAVs

"Damon Langlois (Electrix)" a écrit :

> The pre and post information is actually just audio data. When you press
> record, Repeater has already been recording so you have a little bit 
> audio at the beginning of your loop. It also keeps recording a little bit
> after you finish recording. This give you some buffer material for 
> (among other things). The silence is separate from this. We don't think 
> silence is a feature but there are reasons why we couldn't get rid of it 
> the first OS release. It might be something we can do something about in 
> future OS but definitely not in the next one. So if you "trim cut" you 
> rid of the extra audio data but not the silence. "trim cut" basically
> discards anything on the other side of the trim points. This will make 
> file a little easier to trim the extra stuff of in a PC WAV editor.
> Respect,
> Damon Langlois
> Creative Director
> Electrix
> Tel (250) 544-4091 Fax (250) 544-4100
> http://www.electrixpro.com

Is it only true for the first track of the loop you record, or is it 
always like
that for every track ?
I mean once a first track is recorded, why allowing trim features for every
track independently since start/end loop points can already be defined by 
first recorded track ?