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RE: Importing & Exporting Repeater WAVs

Hi everybody.  I've been lurking for a couple of weeks now.  I don't own a
looper yet, but there's definitely one in my future.  I've found the
discussions of the Repeater and EDP to be helpful in figuring out what I

> From: Tim Goodwin [mailto:deepbass6@earthlink.net]
> Subject: Importing & Exporting Repeater WAVs
> I'm also wondering if there is a looping program that lets you specify 
> *exact* file size to 1/100th of a second?

No one else has chimed in on this one yet, so I thought I'd take a shot at
it.  This is a little out of date as I've got ACID Pro 2, and the current
version is 3.

> Does ACID Pro do this?

No.  Or at least not directly.  If you want to directly change the length 
a loop, you need to use an audio editor.  In addition, ACID lacks (as of
version 2) any way to directly select the material to be looped.  If it's 
the wav file, ACID plays it.

You can directly set the number of beats a loop in a track contains (and 
same loop can be on different tracks with different numbers of beats).  You
can also directly set the starting sample for an event (an instance of one
or more repetitions of the loop in a particular track).  If you change the
start sample for an event, ACID still loops the entire file.  It just 
from a different place.  Controls for these operations can be found on the
Track and Event tabs that appear in the lower left pane when you pick the
properties tab in the lower right pane.

If you use files that haven't been 'acidized', ACID guesses about number of
beats, and using that and file size calculates tempo.  If you change the
number of beats, ACID keeps that information in the project file, and will
also let you save the wav file with the new beat information.  To do so,
press the diskette with the ? on the Track tab in the lower left pane.

All of the above said, you can bounce pretty arbitrary sections of the 
to new tracks or external wav files, so you may be able to approximate what
you want to do that way.  I just noticed that the time ruler at it's 
magnification gets down to 1/100s of seconds as well.

Once again, this applies to ACID 2, and may have changed for ACID 3.  From
the manual, it appears that all of the features described above exist in 
the variants of ACID 2, but I've only used Pro.

Dave Hastings