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Re: The Big Bump issue.

>"Damon Langlois (Electrix)" wrote:
>> We are looking at reducing the "bump" at the loop splice point. Going
>> immediately into overdub is a bigger deal but is also being looked at. 
>> is the price you might have to pay for 4 tracks per loop. There is a lot
>> more going on under the hood than a mono looper.

If this is the way it has to be, I can live with it, but it's certainly not
ideal. I think the important thing to understand is ending with overdub is
about more than just "de-bumping" the loop point. It encourages live,
improvisational loop work, without gaps, blemishes, loading of blank
"pre-looped" loops, etc.

>> We want to look at the loop splice point first and see if we can improve
>>this area
>> before we get into the immediate overdub issue, especially since there 
>> work arounds for this.

If ending with loop is a nightmare that can't be done, then we'll have to
settle for improved splicing. But since Repeater is about live use, vs.
Acid which is about "canned" loops, it would be best if Repeater could do

I'm curious, since this function was mentioned/requested to Electrix early
on, and replied to affirmatively, was there a miscommunication, or did this
feature fall out of beta spec at a certain point?

Either way, I'm enjoying my Repeater and wish everyone at Electrix the