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Re: Repeater: Persistent Problems with Sync

>I was curious what happens then when you change tempos. The repeater 
>tempo doesn't directly follow the input clock, ramps at it's own 
>rate to the new tempo. So if you make a radical tempo jump on your 
>midi clock master, Repeater will ramp there and can take quite a bit 
>longer to reach the new tempo, especially if you are slowing down. 
>since tempos of repeater and other devices are different during this 
>ramp, they end up completely out of sync when repeater finally 
>settles to the new tempo. So that's not real useful.

We probably will have to accept that it does not jump tightly with an 
external tempo change, that would only be possible with word clock. 
But after the ramp, sync should be reestablished correctly.


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