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Re: Bump issue.

> We are looking at reducing the "bump" at the loop splice point. Going
> immediately into overdub is a bigger deal but is also being looked at.

How is it a big deal? Every delay pedal/plugin in the world with the decay
turned up to 100% effectively does exactly that.

> Let us also put things into perspective. "Blemish free" drones where a
> contiguous signal passes over the loop point are not really possible with
> any looper.

It seems to work fine with a Jamman, Headrush, and every delay plugin I 

Maybe, as someone else suggested, what Electrix mean my 'a looper' is not
the same as what we all mean. I'd really like to believe otherwise (I have 
Repeater on order at my local store) - I guess I'll see for myself when I
finally get my hands on one.