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Re: Repeater - defect flash card?

Per Boysen (03:04 AM 09.14.2001) wrote:

 >Over here Repeater refuses to format the flash card that came with it. How
 >many of you have experienced this problem?

Hi Per;

I finally got a chance to try this... It worked fine for me. This is what 

1. Copied the loops that were on the card to a directory on my PC.

2. Put the card into Repeater while holding down the STOP button. (this 
will forces the question of "Format CFC?" to show up).

3. Hit RECORD to say "yes".

4. Repeater said "Formating..."

5. When done, checking the remaining space on the card (hold down COPY, 
release, then press COPY again) shows "3.00" which is 3 minutes of record