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SV: Repeater - defect flash card?

 > Per Boysen (03:04 AM 09.14.2001) wrote:
>  >Over here Repeater refuses to format the flash card that came
> with it. How
>  >many of you have experienced this problem?
> Hi Per;
> I finally got a chance to try this... It worked fine for me. This
> is what I
> did:
> 1. Copied the loops that were on the card to a directory on my PC.
> 2. Put the card into Repeater while holding down the STOP button. (this
> will forces the question of "Format CFC?" to show up).
> 3. Hit RECORD to say "yes".
> 4. Repeater said "Formating..."
> 5. When done, checking the remaining space on the card (hold down COPY,
> release, then press COPY again) shows "3.00" which is 3 minutes
> of record time.
> Mark

Hi Mark,

Good to hear your flash card is ok. Appearently I got a defect card. Now 
wondering how  common that is - and how trustable these flash cards are?


Per Boysen