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RFX Midiwizard with the Repeater

Hey Loopkins,

If you've bought a Repeater, or are thinking of buying one, it's of my
opinion that you should probably NOT buy the RFX Midiwizard, even though 
listed on the Electrix site as a recommended controller.  It's fairly cheap
and well made, but due to the types of MIDI info the Repeater wants, it
basically becomes useless unless you attach a bunch of volume pedals to it.
At that point, it's no longer a bargain.  A lot of the main functions use 2
CCs, such as loop # which needs a cc for bank number, and a cc for a loop
number.  For me, if I can't do something in a single step, I may as well 
use the controls on the front of the box.  What's really needed is a
controller with two built in CCs that allows you to create banks in which
they can be assigned different CC#s.  What would be even better, would be 
you could change the Repeater's internal MIDI map, so that functions like
bank# didn't have to be a CC, which I feel is kind of cumbersome.  A MIDI
controller that allows you to set a button to spit out a fixed CC value
coupled with another value from a second CC# or program change, would also
work really well.

So here's my question: What would be the best MIDI pedal for the job?  Is
Electrix entertaining the idea of giving us a way if changing the MIDI map 
the Repeater?  It sure seems clumsy the way it currently is.


Mark Sottilaro