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RE: RFX Midiwizard with the Repeater

> From: Mark Sottilaro [mailto:sine@zerocrossing.net]
> Subject: RFX Midiwizard with the Repeater
> A lot of the main functions use 2 CCs, such as loop # which needs a cc 
> number, and a cc for a loop number.

Really?  It appeared to me from the manual that Loop select was the only 
that required two messages.  The manual sort of implied that the functions
that have both a CC and PC would respond to either one.  (I'm asking for
clarification not making an assertion.)

> So here's my question: What would be the best MIDI pedal for the job?  Is
> Electrix entertaining the idea of giving us a way if changing the
> MIDI map if the Repeater?  It sure seems clumsy the way it currently is.

You might take a look at the Yamaha MFC10
(there's a users manual there too)).  It's got twelve switches that can 
CC and program change messages.  When it sends program change, it can send
the bank select messages with it (CC 0, CC 32).

The obvious catch is that there doesn't appear to be a way to disable the
program change and just send the bank select messages.  I wonder what the
Repeater does if it gets a program change message for one of the unassigned
program numbers?  Maybe Electrix can reserve one program change as a 'do
nothing' to facilitate this?

Oh, in addition to the twelve switches, it's got a programmable foot pedal
and jacks for 4 more pedals or switches, all of which are also 

N.B.  I own neither a Repeater, nor an MFC10, so I'm working from the
manuals here.  My apologies if this isn't helpful.

Dave Hastings
"When in doubt, don't major in physics"
  Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle according to Joel Achenbach