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Re: Repeater Latency

At 09:47 AM 9/15/2001, Robert van der Kamp wrote:
>Brett L Maraldo wrote:
> > I'm still working the Repeater into my set up and experimenting with
> > it. I can tell you the delay of the dry signal through the Repeater
> > is going to be a pain when it comes to live use because it will cause
> > an obvious delay. the jamman, for example would, if you got the loop
> > tight, not cause a delay or a flange sound. the repeater is
> > definitely delaying the dry signal.
>Maybe when the dry/wet feature is added, you guys must set the
>Repeater to all wet and bypass the dry signal using a splitter box.
>Would that fix the problem?

I think you would pretty much have to use a mixer then, which kind of 
this out of the more straightforward setup that I usually prefer.


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