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Repeater Fun!

In the spirit of discussing music making and sound shaping, I 'd like to
share this little nugget I'm discovering about Repeater, it's
non-destructive trim feature.

I don't know if this was designed as a live performance feature, but
interactively chopping and adding bars off the beginning and end of a multi
bar loop is pretty interesting...

Using either musical phrases that change subtly, or bars of scraping,
distorted, noise, I'm finding it musically interesting to zero in on
various sections, then zoom back out, while continously mixing the 4
tracks. Once you're bored with this, you can do a second press of trim to
get into minutes & seconds trim, cut the sample down to a second or two, do
a trim cut, then multiply it out for a new ambient bed.

And, for roughly the eight millionth time, I have to say the time
stretch/pitch shift when abused can come up with some fascinating, grungy,
twitchy, grinding, and at times hauntingly beautiful sounds...