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How emptying the Repeater?


I'm slowly learning the repeater, but one thing keeps annoying me:
How do you empty the machine from loops?

The only way I have discovered so far is to take out the power supply and
restart the repeater. Not especially cool to do on stage in front of 
I want to use it for live improvisations,  starting out every new song with
an empty memory and build it up slowly. When a song is finished I have to
quickly empty the memory to start a new one.

BTW I tested that controller 14 trick someone mentioned on the list, and to
me it sounds like a reel to reel tape machine slowing down or speeding up
("Percentage of Current Tempo"). I haven't bought myself any foot 
so I built some faders in Emagic Logic to send midi controller data to the
Repeater. When I did that cntrl 14 test the 'peater was slaving to Logic by
midi clock and the loops did always get back into timing up with the 
even after the most aggressive cntrl 14 "scratching". An amazing feature


Per Boysen