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Controlling Repeater by MIDI... a BUG?


Over here the Repeater i have borrowed shows some strange behavior when
controlled by midi. Please correct me if have got it all wrong, but this is
what happens. I have recorded two loops and now starting the first one by
sending midi cc85/127 (=play). Rptr starts playing fine. Then I send
cc96/127 (=Loop Select Up), which makes the next loop start flashing in the
display. Then I send another "play" as cc85/127 and the Repeater goes to 
next loop, after finishing the first one. So far everything is fine.

Problems appear when I want to record at the same time I'm lining up "next
loop". I'm sending cc86/127 and Repeater enters record mode, as it should.
But now the "Loop Select Up" and "Loop Select Down" midi commands seem to
have been disabled by the record mode.

Sadly this is holding me back from buying a Repeater. Like Mark S. I hope 
will be fixed with a software upgrade. I really love the sound you can get
with the Repeater when taking out all four tracks separately to a mixer and
adding reverb etc. And one really cool trick I found out is setting a track
to some pitch change and then sending the sound back from the mixer to be
overdubbed on that same Repeater track. For each loop it will then add a
harmony to the evolving texture.


Per Boysen