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Re: SV: How emptying the Repeater?

Uh, so wait... is what you are telling me, you CAN cue up a loop and have 
it go
into RECORD?  I tried Dave Torn's suggestions (via the front panel) and it 
not function as he described.  Is this something that is accessable via 
only?  I can cue loops to play, and then put them into record, but I was 
I could just enter the new loop recording.  Am I missing something?


Tim Goodwin wrote:

> I'm sure you're aware of this Mark, but you can certainly cue up loops 
> the front panel as well as the floor.  You just can't do it from the 
> with the current TRS setup.  If you want that kind of foot control you 
> to use MIDI and have separate buttons for play (CC#85) and stop (CC#87).
> The play/stop button (CC#88) makes cueing a loop impossible because you
> can't press play a second time and have it remain in play mode.  Also, I
> haven't tried this, but does 'tempo lock' (CC#104) work for maintaining 
> when switching to a different loop?
> For example, when you're playing a loop, lock the tempo, scroll to the 
> desired loop and press play again to cue the selected loop.  That should 
> it.  I will see how this works today.  My guess is that the two loops 
> be within 20 bpm to eliminate any artifacts or unusual coloring - but it
> wouldn't be essential for it to still work.
> BTW, David Torn is using the same OS as the rest of us (or so it is 
> --
> Tim
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mark Sottilaro [mailto:sine@zerocrossing.net]
> Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2001 9:13 AM
> To: per@boysen.se; Loopers list
> Subject: Re: SV: How emptying the Repeater?
> Yeah, I'm not all that happy with the Repeater's MIDI control setup.  For
> one
> thing, I bought the wrong controller, but that point is moot, as I 
> have afforded the "right" one at this time.  I mainly use the Digitech
> FS-300
> for the basic functions, and for the rest, I'm using the front control
> panels.
> For me, having EVERY function accessible via MIDI is like having NO
> functions
> accessible via MIDI.  The main thing I need to do is cue up a new loop 
> have
> it automatically go into record when my current loop is over.  I can't do
> that,
> although Dave Torn seems to be able to.  I think that feature was 
> in
> the final release.  I also would like to be able to go back to an old 
> and
> have it start as my current loop ends, and stay in synch.  (it doesn't)  
> hoping this is part of the "Loop Point Assist" bug that will be 
>addressed in
> the software update.
> Hurry up guys, I've got a gig on Oct. 13 and it sure would be nice to 
>have a
> few bugs fixed by then!
> Mark Sottilaro