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RE: SV: How emptying the Repeater?

I'm sure you're aware of this Mark, but you can certainly cue up loops from
the front panel as well as the floor.  You just can't do it from the floor
with the current TRS setup.  If you want that kind of foot control you need
to use MIDI and have separate buttons for play (CC#85) and stop (CC#87).
The play/stop button (CC#88) makes cueing a loop impossible because you
can't press play a second time and have it remain in play mode.  Also, I
haven't tried this, but does 'tempo lock' (CC#104) work for maintaining 
when switching to a different loop?

For example, when you're playing a loop, lock the tempo, scroll to the next
desired loop and press play again to cue the selected loop.  That should do
it.  I will see how this works today.  My guess is that the two loops 
be within 20 bpm to eliminate any artifacts or unusual coloring - but it
wouldn't be essential for it to still work.

BTW, David Torn is using the same OS as the rest of us (or so it is said).


-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Sottilaro [mailto:sine@zerocrossing.net]
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2001 9:13 AM
To: per@boysen.se; Loopers list
Subject: Re: SV: How emptying the Repeater?

Yeah, I'm not all that happy with the Repeater's MIDI control setup.  For
thing, I bought the wrong controller, but that point is moot, as I couldn't
have afforded the "right" one at this time.  I mainly use the Digitech
for the basic functions, and for the rest, I'm using the front control
For me, having EVERY function accessible via MIDI is like having NO
accessible via MIDI.  The main thing I need to do is cue up a new loop and
it automatically go into record when my current loop is over.  I can't do
although Dave Torn seems to be able to.  I think that feature was disabled
the final release.  I also would like to be able to go back to an old loop
have it start as my current loop ends, and stay in synch.  (it doesn't)  
hoping this is part of the "Loop Point Assist" bug that will be addressed 
the software update.

Hurry up guys, I've got a gig on Oct. 13 and it sure would be nice to have 
few bugs fixed by then!

Mark Sottilaro